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Manan Arya, Assistant Professor


Renee Quiroz, Administrative Associate

Current Students

Megan Ochalek, PhD Candidate    
Connie Liou, PhD Candidate
Alexandra Haraszti, Graduate Student
Justin Kao, Masters Student
Kendall Seefried, Masters Student
Thomas Huang, Masters Student

Former Members

Matthew Kreider, Visiting Student Researcher    
Levente Csilik, Visiting Student Researcher    
Jacob Benheim, Masters Student    
May Ling Har, Masters Student   
Arantxa Ramos del Valle, Masters Student  
Jung Eun Park, Masters Student    
Jesse Trutna, Masters Student    
JT Herrscher, REU Student 
Kevin Murillo, SURF Student   
Ricardo Manzanares-Diaz, AACRE Student